Heredity Can Play A Major Role In Personality And Mental Health

Children also are a demographic subgroup prone to infectious diseases because of their exploratory behavior, lack of prior exposure to most infectious agents, and association with other children. Substantial advances in vaccines have reduced rates of many infectious diseases during the past decades. Some water pollutants are biological agents, some are chemical agents, and some are radionuclides .

Prohibitions on chemical work in agriculture extend only to age 16, and work by children and adolescents on their own family farms is unregulated at the national level. During 1992–1995, 155 deaths were reported among agricultural workers age 19 and younger; 64 of these youths were working in their family’s business . For each death, many more experience nonfatal injury , usually from farm machinery or exposure to toxins. Few studies have estimated children’s exposure to noise or the effect of noise on children’s health, but there is suggestive evidence iron deficiency anemia of its effect.

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Biological agents generally come from fecal contamination and include such bacteria as salmonella and E. coli, such viruses as hepatitis A and rotavirus, and such parasites as Cryptosporidium parvum. Chemicals in water include such metals as lead, mercury, and arsenic, such natural toxins as Pfiesteria toxins, organic chemicals including pesticides, PCBs, trichloroethylene, and chlorination by-products, such inorganic ions as nitrates, and such radionuclides as radon. Systems affected by these contaminants include the central nervous system, the gastrointestinal system, and the hematological system.

In addition, children are both more highly exposed and more susceptible to the contaminants found in water. For example, lead in drinking water was found to be the cause of lead poisoning in several infants whose blood lead exceeded 10 mcg/dl (Baum and Shannon, 1997; Shannon and Graef, 1992). Body burdens can improve or harm health, based on their biological characteristics and presence during certain periods of development. Relatively lower body burdens of organic mercury will reduce cognitive development in young children more than at older ages (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2000c; National Research Council, 2000). Healthy development depends on gene expression being responsive to changes in the environment.

  • However, most of the association between anxiety and social roles appears to be causal, with anxiety leading to social role impairment rather than the reverse, as is often reported for depression.
  • This may in part explain the lack of sex differences in the prevalence of social phobia.
  • Parents engaged in stereotypical ‘masculine’ occupations (law, politics, natural science, medicine, business, etc.) and ‘dominant women’ were more likely to produce sons than daughters.
  • phobia in adulthood because many individuals with phobias must alter their educatinoal or occupational aspirations because of their inability to perform particular activities required for specific tasks such as public speaking, air travel, eating in public, or use of elevators.

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Children appear to be routinely exposed to more noise than the recommended upper limit proposed by the U.S. Even mild hearing loss is associated with increased social and emotional dysfunction among school-age children.

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Factors influencing playground injury prevention include supervision, age-appropriateness of equipment, suitable fall surfaces, and equipment maintenance. Supervision has been shown to be inconsistent, age appropriateness is infrequently indicated, and many playgrounds have had equipment with significant safety issues . Under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, which regulates work hours and safety, children younger than 18 are prohibited from working with hazardous chemicals in nonagricultural jobs.

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